Monday, November 10, 2008

Summers not over yet

President-elect Obama's team of financial advisors includes one Lawrence Summers, who is also a leading contender to be Treasury Secretary.  His resumé includes a previous stint as Treasure Secretary, and President of Harvard University.  You might recall that as President of Harvard, he made some ill-chosen remarks about the science aptitude of girls and women and was eventually forced to resign that position.  

So here's my question: if one were to protest against Summers for Treasury Secretary, would that be considered a political statement?  It's not quite the same as campaigning for or against someone running for election.  On the other hand, what does Summers' prejudices against women in science have to do with being Treasury Secretary, anyway?

I have to say, I would be a bit disappointed in Obama if he does end up choosing Summers.  It would be like a slap in the face.  If Summers feels that way about women in science, how does he feel about women in finance, which I doubt is any more female-friendly a field than science?  For that matter, why isn't Obama considering more women and minorities for the cabinet?  I really hope that he isn't selling out now that he's made it to the White House.

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