Monday, November 3, 2008

Ready, set, write!

So, my goal for InaDWriMo is 12K words. Basically, I have these two papers for which I've basically done all the work, they just need to be written up. And, inevitably, writing papers means double checking my data and the reduction and all that, so I need to remember what the heck and I did and basically do it all over again just to be sure I'm writing it up correctly. Anyway, my goal is not necessarily to have something submitable by the end of the month, just enough forward momentum that I'll actually be able to publish them in the next calendar year.

All this while finishing up a couple other papers. (I say this to reassure John that I'm still working on our project.) Oh, and job applications. And travelling for Thanksgiving. Okay, I guess my writing goal is a bit ambitious.

So is it cheating that I went to start writing, and discovered that I already had 1619 words of a paper written already, and I'm going to go ahead and count that toward my goal? Because, it turns out that I'm going to have to do quite a bit of revising on that bit of text already.

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