Friday, November 14, 2008

InaDWriMo: in my dreams

I am woefully behind on my InaDWriMo goal. To be fair, I've been working hard at this paper. 3298 words of IDL scripts, and a whole pile of pretty pictures. And picture is worth 1K words, right? I've got 8 awesome figures for this paper already, so if I count those, I'm already done!


Okay, maybe not.

So let's check on my goals now that November is nearly half done. My goal had been to write 6K each toward a couple of papers in my backlog. I've gotten just over 2K toward one, half of which had already been there. Nothing toward the other one yet, not even spiffy IDL scripts. (Well, there are spiffy IDL scripts, just nothing new since Nov 1.)

What else have I been doing this month?
  • Job applications. This has been my main distraction from writing.
  • Paper on object A.
  • Paper on object B.
  • Poster to present at conference in early December.
  • Abstracts to submit to other conferences.
  • Musical theater. Fun, but doesn't help my CV or publications list.

That leaves out all the other day-to-day activities that are not any less important for being part of my normal routine. Things like taking care of the kids and getting sleep at night.

I'm not on target to meet my stated goal of 12K words of paper writing, but I have managed to get my rear in gear and doing the writing-up that needs to happen on various projects I'm working on. So in that respect, I think InaDWriMo is going along just fine.

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Alice's Astro Info said...

Hannah -

Can you answer the question I posed here?

Maybe the answer is '10,000 words'? Or is it 'a job next year'?