Sunday, December 21, 2008

Blogoversary Bye Bye

One year ago today, I started this blog. I subsequently moved it elsewhere, for a number of reasons, but then moved it back here for a number of different reasons. If you managed to follow me this far, congratulations! Are you willing to follow me still further?

I've never really been able to find my voice on this blog. Part of it has to do with blogging non-anonymously. I feel like I can't be as candid as I would like about issues in my life, particularly the deep soul searching that I would like to be able to share with people, because I know I personally get a lot out of honest, difficult discussions about juggling science and family and life. But given that I'll be frantically applying for jobs over the next couple of years, I don't think it's wise to post about self-doubt and indecision in a place where search committee members might stumble over it.

So, where do I go from here?

Well, I think the archived posts will stick around for a little bit, anyway. Some of them may disappear without warning, however.

I do plan to keep blogging, but elsewhere. I will continue to update my livejournal blog, which has the convenient feature of locking posts away from prying eyes, and does not have my real name associated with it. I also have plans in the works for blogging about women in astronomy under my full real name elsewhere. If you want more updates, comment here or send me email, and I'll tell you exactly what's up.

Anyway, it's been fun, but I'm moving on. Happy Solstice, everyone!


Alice Enevoldsen said...

Keep me in the loop Hannah!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah! I found your blog after you posted about TW Hya and have been checking in once in a while. I'd love to read more if you don't mind... I'm mhughes at cfa